Maybe I’m Amazed……

This isn’t going to be one of my ordinary posts, as today was no ordinary day.

I am not going to catch you up on all the little things that we have been doing, although there have been handfuls and handfuls of milestones reached and dozens of goals achieved.

I am not going to tell you how busy life has been, how hectic toddlerhood seems to finds us all. I am not going to tell you that Bendwood continues to be the most wonderful answered prayer.

Instead, this post is a brief piece of advice to my little girl. A few words of wisdom that I hope she will remember years down the road, a remembrance of just how tremendous of a day she had.

Sammy Sue,
Fifteen years from now when you are attending your college orientation and explaining where you come from, how you got your “unborn” name, and what you stand for. I want you to remember to hold your head high, give your new friends that smile that fills a room, and tell them,

“My name is Sammy Sue Folloder, I was born 17 weeks early and I have a twin brother, Noah. I was given little to no chance of survival and I overcame a traumatic brain injury, severe ROP that left me legally blind, a deadly strain of meningitis and cerebral palsy. In spite of every challenge that was thrown my direction I still managed to TAKE MY FIRST STEPS AT 39 MONTHS…..”

No one will ask you when all these milestones occurred. That is the beauty of this beast they call developmental pediatrics. In the end, the timeline becomes irrelevant. All that matters is that YOU DID IT. The “when” becomes null and void.

But today, in the moment, the “when” does count. The “when” counts today, and only today because this “when” was never supposed to happen. You did it today…. You took your VERY FIRST UNASSISTED STEPS.

The six videos that follow are a documentation of perseverance, tenacity and faith. After reviewing the first video it is clear that my writing is significantly more eloquent than my day to day communication. None the less, these videos will leave each of you, WETTING YOUR PANTS!!!!!!!!

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  1. Posted April 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    1. Sammy looks as beautiful and as well put together as ever (which was only appropriate for her big day)
    2. I love your eloquence (I’m going to wet my pants! haha)
    3. I have tears of joy streaming down my face. . .
    4. This truly is a special special day. . . so many people rejoice at their child’s first steps. . . but this. . .this is something else. . . this is a true miracle. . . look out world. . . here comes Sammy Sue! :-)
    5. Give your sweet kids a hug for us! :-)

  2. Annette Willburn
    Posted April 19, 2011 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    JORDAN!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! We watched the videos over and over and are ecstatic to hear of Sammy Sue’s latest unbelievable accomplishment. We are thanking God tonight for watching over Sammy Sue and guiding her to be such an amazing little angel. There is no doubt that she is achieving all of this because she has you, Harry, Noah, and your families cheering her on. Enjoy this truly special day!!

  3. Marilu Garza
    Posted April 20, 2011 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    OK…..Pull out the DEPENDS because Tia needs them RIGHT now…..I could not be any more proud of you than if I had given birth to you myself… are incredible…..No one ever pays attention to the DATE that you did something….it is the fact that you DID it….some ‘steps: come a little slower than others….but you are taking off at a lightning speed….no baby steps for Sammy….a full trot!!! When I stop and think of the long nights that you and Noah and I spent together….I almost cannot remember just how scary things were and how long some of those nights really were….I think that there was an underlying theme that hard work was ahead for all of us….and that getting thru each night just brought another sunrise and another opportunity….there have been times in ALL of our lives when things become overwhelming….that it seems like we cannot go on….and a certain darkness sends a shadow over us….but I swear that when those times come, I can almost see your smile appear….your little hands clapping…..your arms reaching for me to either hold you or hug you….your sweet sloppy kisses…and your unconditional love and belief that everything is fine and that you can do ANYTHING…..I thank God on a daily basis that I have the chance to be a part of your life….and that your family has allowed me to be a part of this miracle…you and Noah are loved by many…..but NO ONE loves you like your TIS…in that special way that we bonded in the midnight hours…..walk tall…walk proud… Noah until you catch him….we are right behind you!!! Besitos para mis angelitos….los adoros con todo mis corazon….Tu Tia!

  4. Emily Heide
    Posted April 21, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink


  5. Posted May 13, 2011 at 12:40 am | Permalink

    Hi, I just found your blog via Life in Graz and I have to tell you that I LOVED reading this. Beautifully written. I am so proud of her…and you…and every one who achieves the out-of-reach milestone in life.

    Thank you again for sharing! You made my night! Congrats little Sammy Sue!
    You are an angel!

    Best, Loralee Lewis

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